Yoni eggs – Is womb Healing meant for you ?

Yoni eggs – Is womb Healing meant for you ?

What is Womb Healing

Womb for a woman represent the dark feminine energy. Dark doesn’t mean here bad or evil, but it actually means the energy of darkness , the space , the void, the gap between the Yin and Yang( Claim your free ebook now for Yin Yang Balancing) . Hence it also depicts the potential to create. Eg. Imagine a room where you had so much furniture or clutter that there was nothing to keep. So the empty spaces become like a place to create . In a women , this place is played by a womb . IN our modern society , unfortunately women have not been programmed to heal and connect with their womb a lot , which is really the place for creativity , for intuition , for creation and transformation. It is extremely important for a person who is going through big decision making in her life.

If we do not heal and keep pushing all of our junk emotions into our womb without healing, it limits our potential to achieve , to express , to enable and to abundant living .When you heal the womb, there is flow, there is inspiration and unlocking of potential, connecting you to higher self .

How do you heal the Womb ?

There are different methods to heal the womb to remove the energies of fear, shame, guilt, anxiety , which interfere with our maximization . Below are five ways you can do that.

  1. Use of Yoni Eggs( Such as Carnelion, Jade)
  2. Use of Orange Crystals (such as Carnelion)
  3. Visualization and Meditation with flowing water
  4. Chakra Dancing
  5. Various Energy Clearing Techniques

Here , I will be elaborating on safe use of Yoni eggs for womb healing

What are Yoni Eggs ?

Yoni is Sanskrit word for women genitalia and translates to sacred space. Yoni eggs are semi precious stones carved into egg shapes to be inserted into vaginals canals . This has been used for over 5000 years, especially by the elite empresses and higher mortals such as Queens to be connected with their sacred being and awaken their sexual powers and spread across cultures.

Now , you can easily access the yoni egg , provided you are aware of this healing method.

Yoni Eggs Benefits

Some benefits of yoni are strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, especially for women who have had children . It connects your body, mind and spirit with the sacred womb and heals you from physical and emotional trauma.

It aligns the moon cycle and your menstrual cycle, and helps alleviate cramps and pains , thereby making your periods much easier.It connects you with feminine divine, and most importantly it is a great tool for self love !

However, You should get only a certified yoni egg, as it may not be a comfortable shape, or may not be a pure crystal. You do not want anything toxic getting inside your vaginal canal.

  • Increase libido and awaken your sensuality.
  • Increase natural lubrication
  • Become much more orgasmic.
  • Enhance your Tantra and Qigong

How to use Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs are available in three different sizes, which is not really based on the size of your vagina or you. It depends on what your Yoni is ready for . If you have already had children, you might want a smaller one to strengthen the pelvic muscles, as the yoni may not be ready to hold a big one. When you put in the canal , the muscles are contracting around to hold it, even if you wont feel it all the time. You will feel a sense of fullness , when you have it inside , but it isn’t generally painful . If you aren’t comfortable walking around, you can begin with putting in while sleeping.

It may be seem big or intimidating 2-3 times, but have confidence in your body and give it time to settle for your body. You can also use lube or coconut oil if you find it comfortable.

How to decide the Yoni Egg

Whenever you walk into a crystal shop, you will always be drawn to the one that needs to be there for you. While there are lot of recommendations for orange Crystals, Jade, rose quartz etc, but I would say just go with what attracts you. Also , read up the properties of the crystals as these properties will be integrating with your yoni !

It will assist you in aligning your heart with your divine feminine.

How does Yoni egg come out?

All you have to do is lay an egg ! Simple. Just Squat , relax your muscles and push. It will come down. It cannot go any far, as the vaginal canal is only 4 inches long, so the egg doesn’t travel very far. So it will stay in the desired position and come out as You squat !

If it still sound intimidating to you, you also get eggs which have threads drilled onto them , until you get comfortable with releasing it on your own. This works like a tampon.

Yoni Eggs -Where to Buy

Here are some options for you to choose in Rose Quartz, Jade, and .

How to Clean Yoni Eggs?

Once you have used the eggs, wash it whatever you wash your yoni with. Avoid Soaps as it can cause the PH imbalance. Washing with simple water, organic products instead of any harsh chemical is highly recommended.

Just like any other crystal you can also charge the yoni eggs by using sage, burning incense. You can also charge it in the sun during the day. If you can, try and set your intentions before you insert them into your canal.

Are Yoni Eggs Safe?

Yoni eggs are not Kegels, for tightening the vagina . This is a scared practice, which connects you with your divine feminine energy, strengthens your intuition , your creativity, your manifestation and confidence in yourself .

Do not overdo Yoni eggs by obsessing over vaginal tightness as the objective. You need to do it in balance , listen to your body , how often you want to do it.

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