Meditation won’t reduce Anxiety disorders

Meditation won’t reduce Anxiety disorders

I’ve always been a pretty anxious and restless person, but last fall, my anxiety level rose from a manageable to an all time high . After a few weeks of bad sleep, a poor appetite, and nonstop circular thoughts, I tried doing what most of the experts suggest .. Meditation !

Did it work ? No !It actually made verything worse for me .and started making me even more intolerant to irkign situatios. I used to feel physical anxiety symptoms such as racing heart , and a tight stomach. And I started thinking , what is it that will work ? and why isn’t meditation working for me ?

I realized that , before you start any kind of meditation, you have to first prepare yourself mentally, or else you will be as lost as you have always been.

I liek to read lot of self help and aself actualisation books , and spend a few hours each week searching for the best inspirational and motivational ideas to help me become better at it . Some of these golden rules have resonated very well with my friends, and I thought of penning them down for you. Take them more as a golden rules , which are really handy for women.

Do you have Anxiety ?

Anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways. Some people display a lot of symptoms and their anxiety is obvious, whereas others may internalize their feelings, making a diagnosis more difficult. But sooner or later , these will manifest into physical ailments of blocking of Chakras. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety include:

Anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways. Some people display a lot of symptoms and their anxiety is obvious, whereas others may internalize their feelings, making a diagnosis more difficult. But sooner or later , these will manifest into physical ailments of blocking of Chakras. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Excessive worry and/or irrational fears
  • Feeling restless, agitated, and/or irritable
  • Digestive issues
  • Improper Sleep
  • Fatigue throughout the day
  • Panic attacks
  • Rapid heart rate/Chest pains
  • Fast Breathing
  • Feeling weak, dizzy, shaking, etc.
  • Catch cold often

Myths regarding Anxiety

1.Relaxed people cannot be super performers

This is the biggest myth that if you are calm and relaxed , you are not a super achiever. Most of the competitive people , live life as if they are in a state of emergency , always hurried, restless and stressful. If you aren’t , you are lazy !

Actually the opposite is true ! A frantic mind is less capable , as it drains the creativity and motivation and leaves you feeling very exhausted. This exhausted feeling is often mistaken for having achieved and having worked well. If you are calm , you are not distracted easily by your wants, needs desires in a self consuming manner. Hence making it easier to focus on the goals at hand, while uplifting others nd letting them have the glory.

2.Ask yourself , will it matter an year from now?

This is an interesting concept of time warp ( Refer :Book Don’t sweat the small stuff”). To play this you have t imagine that the situation you are in is not happening right now , but an year from now. Then simply ask yourself, ” Is this as important as I am making it to be ?”

This can be used in an argument with your spouse, children, collegaues lost opportunity or or any project, Chances are that an year from now , you would event care! It will just be one more irrelevant incidence in your life and you would save up that energy from draining into an unnecessary argument and tension.

3.Choose your battles wisely

This is a popular phrase ,especially as a parent . But the good part is that it can be applied anywhere. You can either make a big deal out of every argument , or just let it go . Do not take every argument into an endless battle which needs to be won by you.

This is the most important rule and helps you in conserving your energy, so that you can choosewhere you would like to fight and win.

Always remember, there will be people who disagree with you, who do things differently, who try to impose themselves on you, and many a times these will be close friends and family. Learn to ignore the battle you wouldn’t want to win

4.Allow yourself to be bored

We have filled our lives with so much stimuli all around , wether it is Social media, Mobile, Netflix or Prime, that it is just impossible to relax and do nothing . We believe so much in doing , that we forget about being .

Everyday, take out some time, when you are not mentally engaged. Simple things like having your tea, lighting up sage, sitting in a lawn watching the birds and trees, no reading . Just simple nothingness and observing your mind and thoughts as an outsider

They say nothingness is not only the source of reactants but also the ultimate solvent into which somethingness finally dissolves.- “Vedas- Indian Scriptures”

This exercise helps you in clearing your mind and thoughts, as you start noticing the monkey mind. Boredom will soon be replaced by peace, and your brain will come back more stronger ,sharper, focused and creative.

5. Believe in Random acts of kindness

Their is no standard way to do this, but it comes from the heart. The joy that you get by helping others is immense and releases endorphins in the system. This also links back to the fact that soul purpose of everyone is to uplift the society and be involved in benevolent pursuits. Your gift might be to do anonymous charity, help a friend, save an animal, or do some volunteer work. You can do whatever you like , so that you enjoy it and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Develop you own helping ritual based on what suits you.

6. Understand separate realities

WHen we travel to new places, we see that people of different culture and places behave differently in similar situations. This is a function of their beliefs, upbringing, understanding , and circumstances. They are a culmination of all those experiences and perhaps from different life times too. Because of different conditioning ,they behave differently.

Once we acknowledge this, we should bring the same logic home . Our closed ones, are also different people with different conditioning. Even two siblings behave very differently to same stimuli even though their environment is quite similar. Once you start appreciating this , you will become more tolerant of different points of view of people, spouse, colleagues and perhaps be more open to cut some slack.

7. Argue for your limitations and you become them

Many a times we have a tendency to say , “Oh, this is just me”, “Oh, I cant do this”, “Oh, I am always late”, ” I will never be good at this “. This is more of a self fulfilling prophecy. We should learn to stop using the word always and argue for our limitations, perhaps even laugh it off to come out of this pattern.

8.Practice being in the Eye of the storm

Learn to be in the eye of the storm. This is the specific spot in the center of the hurricane or tornado, which is almost isolated from the frenzy of the activity. Suppose you are going at an event where you now it will be chaotic and unpleasant.

You can practice breathing, observing people, or listening to them. You can let others be right and let them enjoy the glory and that way you will enjoy yourself even more.

Take it up as an opportunity to learn calmness, and try to practice it

9.If some one throws a ball, drop it

Remember that you don’t have to catch the ball is a very effective way to reduce stress.You don’t have to participate in a situation simply because you are being lured in. Always remember you have the choice to catch the ball or not . This can happen by developing a more tranquil outlook on life , knowing your limits, and take responsibility in the process.

Most of us get balls thrown at us by children, friends, neighbors, even strangers. If you started catching all the balls coming your way, you are sure to lose your mind. So go ahead and experiment with this, without feeling guilty about it. This one is especially important for women , as they ten to be multitasking and very involved in most affairs.

10. Fill yourself up with Love

Do not wait for someone else to come and show you love. You have to be the source of kindness and love to yourself. By opening your heart to the possibility of greater love, you’ ll discover somethin remarkable. The more love you will give to yourself and others , the more you’ll receive. Try and become a source of love to yourself first and then others. Do not ignore how you feel , how your heart feels. Listen to your feeling and be forgiving and gentle to yourself .

Strange exercise that will help you in searching the meaning of life..

This one is strange exercise and might scare some people but it is very effective to remind us of what is most important. When we look back on our lives, many of us will realise how uptight we have been our entire life.

Imagine yourself at your own funeral and look back at your life for what are the things you would like to more of ??

Its a good idea to consider your death bed and your life. Doing this will remind you of the kind of person you want to be and the kind of things that you love and should do more of rather than fretting about the small stuff !

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Meditation and Anxiety disorders