10 most important things you need to know before trying Aerial yoga

10 most important things you need to know before trying Aerial yoga

“Aerial yoga -the antigravity work out ” , might look very scary to see , but its more than a physical game.. its a mind game indeed. Here , I am listing the most important facts about aerial yoga that you should know.

1. In an aerial yoga class, you’ll do variations on typical yoga poses using a fabric hammock. You’ll be going upside down, but you’ll stay close to the floor while the hammock supports your body weight. Its an excellent workout for people who already do Yoga for deepening your stretches.

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2. You don’t need to have a particular body type Their is  room for every body, every age, every creative soul who just doesn’t feel like being bound by gravity ” and you will love that antigravity feeling when you get used to it. If you’re hesitant because you’re not sure you’ll have the strength or stamina to keep up, look for studios that offer beginner-friendly aerial courses. 

Inversions are super easy on Aerial Silk

3. Aerial can be accessible and adapted to people with different abilities.People who use wheelchairs, have had amputations, or have other mobility limitations are learning, teaching, and performing aerial yoga arts all over the world

4. You don’t need a ton of upper body strength to start
Coming into your first aerial class with a high level of upper body strength can certainly help you progress faster. But if you feel you dont have that strength,  don’t worry. Let your body guide you into it and trust the fabric to support you through the journey.You will soon develop those serious muscles.

5.You are going to work out that core!”Just hanging from the bar in a properly engaged position involves finger flexors, the rotator cuff, scapular stabilizers, abdominal, and glute recruitment to connect and stabilize the whole body. When you add in climbing or turning upside down, you still need to maintain that core engagement. You’re going to be working hard!” Even a 15-20 mins workout is going to feel like an you have been pushed hard

6.You don’t need to be flexible 
Full splits look pretty, but you 100% do not need to have them to come to aerial class.  If you can’t touch your toes or do a backbend, you can still do aerial. It’s all about starting where you are and working toward where you want to be. That said, regular yoga practice is a good complement to aerial classes if you want to improve your flexibility and stretching

7. Find a good trainer

Find a qualified teacher who practices proper safety measures Like any kind of exercise, aerial comes with risks, including paralysis and even death. So it’s incredibly important to make sure you work with an aerial teacher who knows how to keep you safe. 

8. Expect to learn a few basics in your first class and stay pretty close to the floor

Don’t feel bad if you don’t go much further than that on your first day. A good teacher will make sure you’ve mastered the necessary beginner skills before moving on. Your instructor should also listen to you and respect your limits, rather than pushing you to do things you don’t feel safe doing. Typically you’ll start with some kind of warm-up and then go to foundational skills, like gripping the fabric or climbing up etc.  

9.Be ready for some mental challenges along with the physical ones. Even if you are not painfully afraid of heights, this picture probably scares you a little. Or a lot. May not be on day 1, but if you continue with aerial, you’ll eventually get to something that feels very scary to you. And you’ll have to decide whether or not you think you can do it.At that time, do listen to your body .

10. Expect to be sore the day after your first class . Even if you work out regularly, aerial classes work muscles most of us don’t use every day. Your forearms, abs and your hands will ache badly

But you will get used to loving it!.. the pain and the sculpting

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A small video below about doing crowpose with help of blocks..